Questions About CARTS:

Do I need to have an Amazon Business account to use this?

No, the CARTS tool will work with supplies ordered through any vendor of choice. You do not need to have an Amazon Business account, or purchase from Amazon Business, to use the requisition tool.


Is this really free? Will I be charged later for this?

The CARTS requisition tool and the related services are completely free. You will never be asked for any billing or payment information and you will not be charged for using the tool.


Will CARTS give my principals purchasing power?

No, CARTS users will not be able to purchase items using the requisition tool. This tool is simply an approval process flow and a way to collect supply requests for administrator approval prior to purchasing.


My district is currently in a spending freeze; will this still help me?

Yes, this will allow you to summarize your district’s resource needs so that your leadership team can make data-driven decisions on this year’s spending and next year’s budget.


Does this need to integrate with my school accounting system?

No, CARTS is a standalone tool that does not require integration with any school accounting or finance systems.


How long will setup take?

Setup takes 3 hours in total. Once you’ve signed up for CARTS, an Introductory Call will be scheduled to obtain the final list of CARTS users at your districts and to establish the timeline and expectations around product usage. Shortly after that call, your district will be setup with CARTS access. 


What kind of support is provided with the CARTS tool?

Allovue’s Customer Success team is on-hand to support your district as you use the CARTS requisition tool. Live chat with them Monday - Friday from 7 am to 5 pm or email them at


How long will the CARTS tool be available?

CARTS will be available for complimentary use as long as it is needed.