Preparing for FY 20-21: Through and Beyond COVID-19 

Thursday, June 4th | 12:00 - 12:30 pm ET

Discussion topics may include:

  • Projecting the short and long-term revenue shortfall 
  • Building a re-open plan 
  • Budget reduction measures/scenarios
  • Use of CARES act funding

Join the FEFS: Virtual Roundtable

Share successes, workshop challenges, and exchange advice from fellow K-12 peers and practitioners in the Future of Education Finance Summit: Virtual Roundtable


With many districts opting to end the school year early partially due to challenges with virtual learning, many are concerned about the future of education in the fall. How are district leaders planning to address concerns from the public while providing an equitable education for all students amidst rampant revenue reductions?


Join our Future of Education Finance Summit: Virtual Roundtable to workshop challenges and exchange advice with other educators looking for solutions with your hosts, Kate Kotaska and Marques Whitmire.


Kate Kotaska

Budget Director In-Residence

Kate has spent the majority of her career in Denver Public Schools shaping the district’s resource allocation model and building a backbone of financial support known as the Financial Partner Network.


Marques Whitmire

Senior Account Executive

Marques has five years of experience in k-12 education finance and was responsible for the development and distribution of $109M in general education funds across 60 schools at Indianapolis Public Schools. 

READ: How State and Local Dollars Fund Public Schools

It is a common misconception that a taxpayer’s dollars are allocated to the schools and districts closest to the taxpayer. Tax dollars are collected and distributed to school districts throughout the state. Share this handy resource with community stakeholders to explain how tax dollars fund public schools.


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WATCH/LISTEN: Public Good vs. Private Good - School Zoning and Tax Dollar Implications

School boundaries have a direct impact on the way districts are able to fund schools. They can also have a major impact on tax dollars and property values. Watch this on-demand recording to discuss the fears many hold regarding school zoning and tips on balancing private wealth while advancing the public good.

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DOWNLOAD: The Education Finance Glossary

Understanding all the terms and acronyms related to education finance can be overwhelming. We've compiled a list of all the essential terms and definitions you need to know to help you confidently communicate about school finance.



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