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  1. Brief conversation to discuss your district's biggest challenges related to budgeting and financial management
  2. Live demonstration with an ed finance expert, tailored to the way your district operates
  3. All of your questions answered to make sure you have the information you need
  4. No commitment, no aggressive follow-up (just not our style) 


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Allovue gives you real power. It’s hard to distill a large amount of financial data down quickly to make the management decisions and Allovue gives you a real quick glance at that. It is very powerful.”

Stan Breedan
Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Maury County Public Schools



What can districts do with Allovue? 

Allovue brings an accessible, unbreakable, entirely virtual budgeting and financial management system—and we might just save you some money along the way! Our district partners love Allovue because they can ...

1_timeSave hundreds of hours in the budgeting process.

"District A" saved 138 hours during budget season using Allovue. That’s 138 hours of people-power available for substantive work to support students (instead of wrangling spreadsheets). 

2_moneyDiscover millions of dollars in buried, open POs. 

"District B" identified an unused open PO worth $1.5 million using Allovue. These dollars were quickly reallocated to add funds to an account that was in the red and desperate for resources.

3_trackingInstantly and easily customize expense tracking. 

Many districts are creating custom expense tags to track and report on spending for COVID-19. This flexibility is possible without paying consultants or ERP vendors to modify the Chart of Accounts.





School finance is complicated.
Navigating a chart of accounts, restricted funds, or a simple purchase order can be challenging for non-finance personnel. Many school and district budget managers come into their positions because they are outstanding educators and must learn to speak school finance on the job. Allovue is robust enough to meet the needs of Central Office, but simple enough to navigate without being a CPA.






Meghan Stanton-1

"No matter how large or small your district, we know you're facing unique challenges this year. I want to help you maximize the impact of every dollar, and bank more of your most valuable resource: time. Let's chat!"

Meghan Stanton, Account Advisor at Allovue